Monday, January 25, 2016

Working with several computers via LAN - part 1

When it comes to multiple computers, in order to share data, and to save time finding ip's, waiting for ssh to establish a connection.

You'll need a tool for a data sharing.
Luckily, I found some software, it's called Dukto.

It can be download from here, it supports RPM and DEB packages.

Also it can installed on mac. The window$ version I bet it's crashing due to windows is unstable for network operations, but it can be installed there as well.

What the program does, it listens on the installed computer and looks for other users across the LAN.

Each user is called a buddy, and you're able to perform the following operations to a given buddy:
  • Send a message
  • Send the current copied text (from the clipboard)
  • Send a file (support drag & drop)
  • Send a whole directory (supports drag & drop)
When you're a recipient, you can click on the received message to be copied to the your clipboard.

You don't confirm to receive a file/directory, the file/directory is automatically stored in the directory set in the settings (be sure before use to set the received files directories to a more suitable location).
Each file/directory is listed in the Recent tab.