Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Test Mobile pages on Android/iOS devices

Continuing on last time Test website via proxy now we'll talk about testing mobile device via Proxy.

Set the proxy as usual.
(Win proxy guide will be here soon ...)


Open the wifi settings and point to the desired AP that the proxy is located on (needs same subnet), and open it's properties, so that you see something like that illustrated on the picture.

Scroll down and locate Proxy Settings on the dropdown select Manual and then Proxy hostname will contain the IP of the proxy server, the Proxy port will contain the port of the proxy server. Touch Save to continue, just in case turn off/on the wifi connection and then connect to the AP.

Now open Google Chrome and just type the desired URL of the development project you work on.

Every URL request will load through the proxy, no matter if it needs VPN, local database and other stuff.



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