Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How to test your site using localhost/vpn routes via Proxy

Testing web sites (PROXY)

Have you ever came in position that you need to use localhost on another computer or use their VPN routes ?

Have no fear, proxy is here!

Server Proxy


Having the server on GNU/Linux(Ubuntu 12.04), just install squid:
sudo apt-get install squid


edit the configuration file:
vim /etc/squid3/squid.conf

locate line:   TAG: http_access define a variable:
acl our_networks src

above the first http_access line,
thenbelow the last http_access write this line:

http_access allow our_networks

Proxy Restart

finaly restart it:
sudo service squid3 restart


Proxy client setup

  •  Uncheck Automatically detect settings.
  • Enter: (your address will differ, ifconfig in your servers terminal to get it right ;) )
  • Port number 3128
  • Click OK to finish and close the other window as well.

Using the proxy in browser

Opening localhost will open the localhost of the server instead of